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Why Did You Come Here?

  • Because it is too difficult to produce database-driven web sites?
  •  Because you want a simple way to produce these sites and modify them readily?
  • Because you want to be able to build dynamic websites without months of training?
  • Because you want to avoid the high-cost of the big-name app-servers?
  • Because you want your mastery of logical thought to be an advantage not a hindrance to your development productivity?

What is CloudWriter?

CloudWriter is a server-side scripting language and relational database. 

  • Based on an object-oriented, interpreted, late-binding programming language with syntax similar to Java or C#.
  • Includes a built-in high-performance multi-threaded relational database.
  • Has access to non-native databases through ODBC  (For portability, the native database can also be accessed through ODBC.)
  • Has flexible multi-tier architecture, allowing database servers to run on multiple machines or processors
  • Includes built-in classes and functions for performing frequently-used web-based tasks like email, forms, database operations

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